BEARS BANTER – The Official Bears Podcast


While much of NSW, VIC and SA are in lockdown our neighbours up north are business as usual and footy is still on. We caught up with two Bears, Ben Thomas & Ben Marschke, who are currently in the NRL bubble on the Sunshine Coast to find out what it’s like and their journey to playing with the Sydney Roosters. They are still a few days away from completing their quarantine period and yet we had bursts of jealousy seeing the beautiful and warm resort they are currently calling home.

BT and Benny have been mates for a while now and have been lucky enough to play together not only at the Bears but also in the Sydney Roosters Jersey Flegg squad. While they still can’t believe they are now playing together in the big league, they are both humbled by their journey and grateful for the pathway that has got them there. Dedication, hard work, and consistently good play on the field paid off for these two bantering Bears.

Host: Jason Taylor