Megean Gosselin Signs for 2021

Where have you come from? Club, location?

Originally from Québec City, Canada. Most recent club was in Germany with Nord Westfalen in the Bundesliga. Latest international tour was Serbia 09/19 with Canada Ravens.

What has brought you across to the Bears?

I moved to Aus in Jan 2020 to play footy year-round in preparation for the RLWC – unfortunately covid stuffed that plan a little but I kept training on the daily with the Ferrets Head Coach Mel Vayro so I could keep sharp and I guess the rest is history now ha.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Bears in 2021?

To be honest – the team itself, being around girls who thrive for the highest level of footy possible is probably number 1 on my list of reasons other than being able to go into contact again haha

What is your occupation? And do you think this job helps your rugby skills or careers in any way?

My background is in business development. I currently work for a company called Combine Air Training, although I work in the back office most days I do train in the gym. Having the ability to train at altitude (3500m above sea level) definitely helps, without me geek-ing out on you, training in altitude allows one to increase their ETE rate (energy to exhaustion rate) meaning you can go harder for longer, also allows you to increase >11% lean muscle mass (naturally)!! So I definitely do think it helps heaps!

What are you looking forward to outside of rugby league in 2021?

Travel restrictions to lift – this is the first year that I don’t hop on a plane a couple times so I’ve been feeling the travel blues haha