Statement from Bears CEO Greg Florimo Regarding the Bears and the NRL’s Gold Coast Franchise

Dear Members and Fans

I am writing to you today following recent media coverage regarding the Bears and the NRL’s Gold Coast franchise.

While the Bears’ focus in recent years has been on winning a licence for the Central Coast Bears, we acknowledge statements from the NRL that expansion is not on its agenda in the foreseeable future.

Accordingly, we have been exploring other avenues for the Bears to re-enter the NRL.

The NRL’s announcement that it will be looking to sell the franchise has prompted us to go public with our offer of support.

Let me be clear, we are not seeking a takeover of the Gold Coast Titans.

Rather, The Bears are keen to work with the NRL to build a viable and sustainable club with a local and national support base on the Gold Coast What we are exploring is a way the Bears can add to the viability of a Gold Coast team by providing:

  • long-term financial sustainability
  • the history of a Foundation Club brand
  • a loyal and engaged fan-base nationally
  • a growing base of supporters on the Central Coast
  • Gold Coast infrastructure through the Bears’ 100 per cent ownership of the Tweed Heads Leagues Club.

We believe that our involvement would have tangible benefits in terms of television audiences, increased crowds and a significantly larger market for sponsors and merchandise.

We are also sensitive to the passion and commitment of the existing fan bases and want to develop ways to work with them to build a club that does all of them proud.

Details of how the Bears could be involved in the franchise will need to be determined over the coming months.

We look forward to working with everyone in the weeks and months ahead and to keeping you informed of developments.

Greg Florimo