2022 Tarsha Gale Cup Final Squad

A momentous occasion in Bears History, presenting our final squad for the inaugural Tarsha Gale Cup U19s Female Junior Representative team

This group of young women have brought such energy, both on and off the field, to our Club and we are excited to watch them refine their skills, build their confidence and rip in when the competition starts on the 5th February. Wear the Red & Black with pride ladies, you earnt it!

Congratulations to Chloe and Sienna who have been named Team Captains for 2022.

Well done also to the local North Sydney District players who were selected in the team. It is real a tribute to the growth of the junior league, the success of the Bears female pathway program and your hardwork in pre-season training:

Georgia Clements – Asquith Magpies
Grace-Lee Weekes – Asquith Magpies
Hannah Mcfadyen – Asquith Magpies
Maumi Faupula – Asquith Magpies
Samantha Cox – Asquith Magpies
Summer Enasio – Asquith Magpies


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