“Even though it is a rugby league club and that is its genesis, it’s all about the community.  A lot of work goes unnoticed as to what the leagues club does and what many clubs do in terms of their contribution to the community”  Greg Florimo – Wellbeing, Education and Community Manager.

The North Sydney Bears continues to contribute to the sport of rugby league through it’s community work with Norths.

The NRL, NSWRL and the North Sydney Club are committed to providing support, education and guidance to our young players, helping them to be the best players and people they can be. There is a real focus in the game on player wellbeing, career and education and every player is to be a part of the program and have access to 1 on 1 support. The Bears had over 120 players contracted this season, ranging from 14 – 35 years old, men and women, and it was important that the club helps them to be fulfilled, healthy and ready to play.

The same principles are adopted to our community; the Bears community, connecting and caring and bringing people together. Rugby League can be an ice breaker in so many environments, and we will be working with not only our identified family but also within the Norths Collective and the North Sydney Junior Rugby League. Our goal is to bring North Sydney Oval to life, celebrating with our community partners on game day and supporting the Bears.

Wellbeing and Education

All players were involved in the NSWRL Wellbeing and Education program in 2019. The program consisted of compulsory education for players around concussion, anti doping, respectful relations, drugs and alcohol, digita technology, mental health and career wise.

The Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg players completed a series of questionnaires over the year to measure wellbeing, with follow up interviews and conversations about life outside of football. Those players were also required to be engaged in either career or study, with the NSWRL ensuring a no work, no study, no play approach.

Thank you to our W&E committee consisting of Mark Dowel, Dr Sam Pomeroy, Peter Sharp, Rob Capizzi, David Perry, Shontelle Stowers, Brad Deitz and Glen Jefferys.

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