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Although our Knock-On Effect NSW Cup has been able to bring home two solid wins from two games so far this season, the team has been battling numerous injuries. Our medical partner Axis Athletic Performance, who supports the team with physiotherapy, medical and strength & conditioning, updates on the players curent injuries and when they may be able to return to play. Nathaniel Roache suffered a Lisfranc injury in round 1 and went into surgery yesterday, he is hoping to return to play in Rd 22. In an odd coincidence, Jack Boyling also did a Lisfranc injury in round 1 against the Dragons and is awaiting scans, his return to play is not determined as yet. Havi Tupouniua suffered an MCL tear and is working towards a Rd 8 return while Regan Hughes is recovering from an MCL sprain is awaiting clearance to return to play either this weekend or by round 4. Phillip Makatoa underwent surgery a few weeks ago for a metcarpal fracture and is looking for a round 4 return. Bobby Miller is recovering from a hamstring injury but should be good to go by this weekend. Israel Ogden is also recovering from a hamstring injury and is set for a round 5 appearance, followed by Josh Bevan in round 6 who is repairing a scaphoid injury. Logan Aldridge is currently under HIA protocols and Ben Thomas is out indefinitely with a neck injury. Both Mason McCarthy and Sean Garner are suspended until round 4.As you can see Axis Athletic have been very busy dealing with the injury list and Coach Weisner has been having to make continual changes not only to their game plan but also their daily training sessions. The depth of current injuries makes our on-field performances in round 1 and 2 even more inspiring.

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