Knock-On Effect NSW Cup

At training on Tuesday, the team gathered around Head Coach Pat Weisner with eager anticipation for the announcement of our 2024 Knock-On Effect NSW Cup Leadership Team. With some on bended knee and others standing, all fixated on their head coach, listening with respect and admiration, you could feel the bond this year’s playing group already has. As Weisner says, winning the two main pre-season trials helps in creating a happy group, and he is so right however the connection goes deeper than this and we hope to see their combined strength continue forward into the competition when it kicks off next weekend.

Our 2024 Team Captain is Kurt De Luis. KDL as he is known to most, is a natural born leader. He is loud, firm but fair, he leads from the front and by example in all he does. This is KDL’s second season with the Bears and he loudly claims that “he’s a Bears man now” which testament to the way he has approached his time in the Red & Black.

Our Co-Vice Captains for 2024 are Ben Stevanovic and Jake Toby. Stevanovic is also heading into his second season with the Bears and has risen through the ranks with his dedication to refining his techniques and working closely with the coaching staff. Toby played SG Ball with the Bears back in 2025 and returns to the club 9 years later with immense first-hand footy knowledge, taking on the VC role. Both Stevanovic and Toby play smart footy and we look forward to watching them take to the field this month.

Joining the leadership team for 2024 are Nathaniel Roache and Ben Talty. Both players have been plagued with injuries over the last few years and yet this pre-season have stood out from the group as workhorses on the training field and showing an elevation in their skills.

And finally, for 2024 we introduce a Club Captain/Player Mentor to our leadership team. This role plays particular focus on the pathway players, group mental health and player morale support and there is no better person for the job than Jerry Key. Key is heading into his 6th season with the Bears, has 56 KOE NSW Cup games in the red & black under his belt plus further playing experience.

Photo Names: Ben Talty, Nathaniel Roache, Jake Toby, Kurt De Luis (Captain), Ben Stevanovic, Jerry Key.

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