Boxing Bears

As our NSW Cup team prepares to take on the Newcastle Knights in round 1 of the Knock on Effect Cup this Sunday, on Tuesday night the boys escaped the big wet and hit up Boxing Works in Kings Cross for a variation on their training session. Fergus Mitra overseas the teams strength and conditioning playing a vital role in ensuring the team can compete at a high level for a full 80 minutes in not only a contact sport but ones that requires focused athleticism.

The team took to the mats starting with stretching and joint movement activities, all under the watchful eye of Fergus and Head Coach Jason Taylor. Fergus moves among the players correcting positions, pushing the holds and you can tell he loves what he does and knows what he is doing, all in aid of preparing every player for game day.

From the centre of the mat, JT calls out and the team quickly forms lines to start running passing drills under the instructions of Assistant Coach Pat Weisner. It is drummed into every Bear at every session that perfecting the perceived relatively simple skills of catching and passing is of utmost importance – get these right at every moment on game day and success will follow. The call comes out to change it up, run a dummy and within minutes JT is over run and the team is finding their feet.

Next up the boys get their wrestle on in various formations and holds that progress to mini skirmishes. Our boys might be used to contact but alas no boxing for these champs, they have a game to prepare for! Huge thanks to the team at Boxing Works for letting us take over the floor space, escape the rain and prepare physically and mentally for the task ahead.