Our Harvey Norman Women’s team took to the field hand-in-hand with girls from the local Lane Cove Tigers U13s Blues Tag team and was a great example of the pathways we are building for females across the club. The young players loved every minute of it and the seasoned Bears players enjoyed the opportunity to show how bright the future is for women in league in the North Sydney District.

The Helensburgh Tigers took an early lead with a converted try putting them up 6 – 0 in the first 10 minutes. However, the Bears remained calmed and returned fire with a great try by Kirra Dibb which she also went on to convert herself. Returning from injury, our wonder winger Tyla Gambell looked the goods again as she scooted down the sideline to nab another 4 points. A number of injuries to the Bears side forced play to stop at times, Shannon Mato was stretchered from the field with a knee injury and Priscilla Younes was carried off with a season-ending injury. Speedy recovery ladies! One more late try by Mya Hill-Moana in the second half sealed the victory for the team and the girls got to sing the team song loud and proud in the sheds.

Images by Ian Reilly