Priscilla Younes Signs for 2021

Where have you come from? Club, location?

I have come from the Bulldogs, Cabramatta and the latest club Wenty.

What has brought you across to the Bears?

I was really excited to sign with the Bears, mainly for the opportunity to excel and challenge myself, and to be part of a great team culture.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Bears in 2021?

I’m most looking forward to learning new skills, enhancing my own performance and definitely creating new bonds and friendships. Also, just playing the best footy I can.

What is your occupation? And do you think this job helps your rugby skills or careers in any way?

So my day job… I’m a high school teacher.  At school, I run the rugby league girls program and coach the girls oztag and touch teams. I feel like it’s helped me build strong relationships as I’ve had to work with different personalities.

What are you looking forward to outside of rugby league in 2021?

Outside of league, I’m looking forward to coaching my rugby league girls against other schools, and also spending time with my family.