Renee Targett Signs for 2021

Where have you come from? Club, location?

Thank you! I came across from the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

What has brought you across to the Bears?

I saw the team’s vibe throughout the year and thought there was something special going on that I wanted to be a part of. I feel I could grow as a player if I changed and so I took the leap.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Bears in 2021?

Learning how to and playing my best footy with a stellar bunch of people that are striving for the same goal.

What is your occupation? And do you think this job helps your rugby skills or careers in any way?

I do flooring installations and absolutely! I tend to think of my job as an extension of footy training because a lot of the movements and labour transfer over into that of League.

What are you looking forward to outside of rugby league in 2021?

The opportunity to get out and about more as Covid regulations start to relax.