Talking Wellbeing with Greg Florimo

As the North Sydney Bears Wellbeing, Education and Community Manager, Greg Florimo has been ensuring the mental health of all of our players and staff during this unprecedented time. He keeps in contact with all players and helps implement a wellbeing program developed by New South Wales Rugby League.

Here, Greg discusses a few key items that we can all follow to maintain a healthy mind and body. Listen to his talk above and click below for more information on sleep guidelines.

North Sydney Bears is committed to maintaining and supporting our players throughout the 2020 season.



Have a nutritious lunch and healthy snacks

Exercise for 30 minutes or more daily

Limit caffeine intake

If you do nap, keep it between 20-45 minutes during the 2-4pm window (and only if you have slept well the night before)

Limit your workday to 8-9 hours

Establish an effective end of day routine to ensure ‘closure’


Avoid strenuous exercise less than 4 hours before bedtime

Avoid caffeine and nicotine within 4 hours of bedtime

Eat a nutritious dinner (limiting rich, high fat/sugar/salt foods)

Avoid or minimise alcohol

Resolve daily dilemmas with your sleeping partner

Relieve your mind of ‘to-dos’ or plans for the next day

Have a hot shower/bath 1 hour before bedtime

Stop using screens at least half an hour before bedtime

Avoid using medication as a sleep aid

Establish a nightly bedtime routine

Stick to a consistent bedtime every day of the week

Set up your bedroom and your sleep environment

  • Make sure your bed is comfortable
  • Keep the bedroom cool (approx. 20C degrees)
  • Make the bedroom as dark as possible
  • Use a comfortable pillow
  • Keep the bedroom free from electronic devices
  • Only use the bedroom for sleep and sex


If you can’t get to sleep, get up and wait till you’re tired and then go back to bed

If you wake up and start thinking about ‘to-dos’, get up and add them to your list and then go back to bed

  • Don’t watch the clock
  • Get 7 – 10 hours of sleep


Wake without an alarm clock if possible

Get exposure to sunlight and natural light as soon as possible

Eat a nutritious breakfast

Limit caffeine intake