Knock-On Effect NSW Cup

As the rain beat down on Bear Park, our team laced up their boots to take on the Sydney Roosters in round 9 of the Knock-On Effect NSW Cup. As expected, the game was a slow grind to start with slippery conditions making fast attack difficult and endless ball handling mistakes made by both sides. For near on twenty minutes, the play stayed mostly to the middle of the field swapping from red & black to red, white and blue regularly. Finally, the Bears swept the ball to the wing and with a long pass from Ben Stevanovic, finding Dean Ieremia who slid across the line to light up the scoreboard for the first time. Kieran Hayman expertly converted from the corner and the Bears lead 6 – 0. It wasn’t long before the trio-colours responded seeing big NRL prop Dylan Napa put up a kick that took the Roosters in for the points. The kick was waved away, and the score stood at 6 – 4 until two minutes before the half time hooter sounded when Napa was sin-binned for a late tackle. Hayman took the kick, added the two points and headed to the sheds with a narrow lead 8 – 4.

With instructions from the coach to slow the play, hold the ball and maintain the lead our boys took to the field for the second half. Conditions seemed to worsen, and the old faithful fans took shelter in the grandstands but not lessoning their cheers of support for the red & black. The grind continued and Bears again took the two points from a penalty call eight minutes into the second half, Hayman slotting the ball between the white posts to take the home to a 6 point lead, 10 – 4. Replicating the first half, ten minutes passed, and the Roosters skipped through our defensive line to narrow the scores. With the conversion missed, the Bears defended their two-point lead intensely for the next twenty-two minutes. 45 seconds left on the clock and a heavily controversial call by the referee saw the Roosters awarded a penalty in front of the posts that ended the game in a draw.

Speaking with Head Coach, Pat Weisner, post-game he stated “Absolutely awful conditions meant that the game was always going to be low scoring, tight and down to a bounce of the ball or 50/50 decision. We defended very well again, and were never behind in the match. We spent the whole game protecting our lead, which we did successfully until the final play of the game”. Weisner went on to comment how disappointed he was with the incorrect penalty decision in the last minute of the game that “ultimately cost us the win”. Finally stating, “Also very disappointed that we gave the Roosters so many opportunities in the last 15 mins due to our errors, but the weather had such a huge impact on this game that it’s difficult to take much out of it other than the point we got for the draw. We move on hoping for a dryer track this week.”.

This Sunday we go again and head back to Bear Park for Mother’s Day as we take on the Parramatta Eels, kick off at 3pm. Pop it in the diary now and see you there! Check out the team named to pull on a red & black jersey this weekend >>

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