Introducing our new Strength & Conditioning partner for our Harvey Norman Women’s Premiership team, Infinite Performance. Joseph Izzo, Co-Founder of Infinite Performance, will be managing the program and working directly with our female athletes to ensure the team continues to push the boundaries of performance as we head into the 2023 season. We caught up with Joe at a recent team training to find out how he is settling in and what he has planned for the team.

About Infinite Performance

  • Infinite Performance are a strength and conditioning gym that aims to bridge the gap between community (general population) and sports performance (athletes).
  • They strive to take a global approach to performance – educating their members on the importance of each step towards achieving success (i.e. training, nutrition, recovery, sleep, etc.)
  • They have developed a training system that consistently breeds stronger, faster and more resilient athletes.

What attracted you to work with the Bears?

Ever since working in the rugby performance space, the North Sydney Bears have always been a team that I wished to work with, particularly given that I have lived local to the club for the majority of my life and have seen the great results they’ve produced. The impressive standards the women’s team have set in such a short time and the cohesiveness of both the staff and the team made the decision to join very easy. A team that is looking to constantly improve in all areas of performance is a team that breeds quality athletes and a passionate culture.”

What you will be doing with the team and what you are working on now as we lead into the Christmas break?

I am currently running their strength and power sessions in the gym as well as any specific conditioning, speed or agility training on-field. The preseason period is a time where we build a solid base that sets us up to perform (and stay injury-free) in the competitive season. At the moment, the girls are focused mostly on developing their speed off the mark (acceleration/agility) and building a deeper gas tank (longer runs & intervals for fitness) to prepare for some higher intensity speed and power work to be seen coming out of the Xmas break.

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