Mark Dowel awarded Bears Life Membership

The Bears announce Life Membership for Mark Dowel

Mark Dowel – Life Member


It is with great pleasure that the North Sydney Bears announce the life membership awarded to Mark Dowel.

Mark’s love of the game of Rugby League has been to the benefit of the North Sydney Football Club.

His work over the years amongst our Junior League and our Junior Representative teams, as well as in additional leagues including the Australian University team and the Tertiary League, has seen him cover most of the many hands on roles in the game.

Mark moved to Sydney in 1987 where he took up the role of the Asquith u/7’s team coach, having previously had a playing career spent at Camden then at Lakes United in the Canberra competition.  He remained coaching the junior grades at Asquith up until 2002 where he was voted coach of the year at Asquith. During that time he was the Club delegate for the Junior League, Football Club secretary, as well as President of the Asquith Junior Rugby League, a director of the Asquith Leagues Club, and Vice President of the North Sydney Junior Rugby League for 10 years. He sat on the judiciary for the NSJL alongside Geoff Bellew for many year, and was awarded Life Membership of the NSJRL in 2008. He is also a Life member of the Leagues Clubs association.

In 2008 Mark also joined the board of the North Sydney Bears. He immediately had an impact with a no nonsense attitude and was prepared to roll up his sleeves and get involved, Mark’s experience in the game and his passion for the Bears was a natural fit. By 2012 he became the manager of the Harold Matthews team, overseeing the journey for the youngest of our competitive teams which he did with aplomb. This season just gone he was side by side with Peter Palmer in the SG Ball, helping preparing our players for the step up to Jersey Flegg and Peter will continue to build on the great work done.

Mark has always put his hand up to help the club, from stepping up as the man on the gate, in the canteen, he chaired judiciary hearings and he always has a willing ear to listen and provide constructive feedback. His knowledge of the game in areas like Junior Development, Sponsorship and Governance is invaluable, and he continues to be a major part of this club. This club is indebted to Mark Dowel for his many years of service, he has stood the test of time as a true icon of our club.

Congratulations, Mark.