Invitation for SG Ball Trials

Invitation for SG Ball Trials

The North Sydney Bears would like to invite the following applicants to train and trial with the club for the 2020 SG Ball team (see list below). We are thankful for so many applicants and consider it a privilege to train or play with our Heritage Club.

The requirements of this opportunity are that you train with the group on Sunday the 15th of September from 7am to 930am; and then trial the following week Sunday the 22nd of September. For the Trial, the whole day is required for this as it will be in conjunction with the clubs U16’s trials and will require you playing more than one game on the day.

As part of your requirements for this opportunity, if you do not train on the 15th of September, you will not be considered to trial on the 22nd of September to trial. Commitment is part of the culture of the North Sydney Bears and it starts here.

In acceptance of this opportunity, you should sign and fill out the paperwork indemnity form attached, and return it by email ASAP. The return of this email should also indicate in writing that you are committed to being part of the squad if selected. Players that are unable to commit to the squad after selection and in their response to this email will not be considered for the final squad.

(IMPORTANT Note – Some players who come from outside the area, can attract a development fee from the NSWRL/ CRL/ QRL/ NRL to play Junior Reps. The North Sydney Bears make it very clear that they ‘will not‘, on the normal occurrence, pay these fees; & we make this clear from the outset. If you originally came from outside the area & believe you may attract a development fee you should make this clear in your email, as this will limit our ability to take you on as a player for 2020. If you’ve previously already played Junior reps for the North Sydney Bears there will be no issues)

The training and Trial will be held on both dates at:

T G Milner Field, Vimiera Rd Marsfield 

Sunday 15th September – Field Training Session
• 7am arrival and registration – Training till approximately 9.30am
• Contact training, physical training
• You will require a full drink bottle, boots, your own strapping (be strapped), mouth guard & any protective gear you normally wear in a game

22nd September – ‘Invitational’ Trial
• 8am Arrival
• Be fully strapped and prepared to play between 1 and 4 games
• Further details to be given on Sunday the 15th

Please respond to the following addresses with the following details –
o Name
o Email address
o Parents email address
o Players mobile number
o Parents Mobile Number
o Preferred position (1 only)
o Optional position (1 only)

Please also ensure you indicate your commitment to the club if you are selected in the email you send.

Christian Abal
Luca Abel
Daniel Abraham
Corey Adnum
Alamin Ajelara
Jackson Archibald
Panayioti Arronis
Joel Aslan
Nathaniel Bakon
Trent Barton-Shaw
Luke Bendell
Kaelan Brown
Kaylan Carroll
Alaa Chahine
Reece Chicca
Connor Clifford
Andrew Collins
Zach Couper
Nathaniel Cowan
Dane Courtney
Luke Cowley
Josh Davenport
Reece Davidson
Jamie Davison
Jackson Deamer
Karim Deni
Tyrell Duroux
Cameron Faulalo
Cameron Faulao
Corey Flynn
Ryan Francis
Corey Friday
Abdul Ghanem
Regan Gregorio
Harrison Henson
Stafford Herkt-kahui
Dylan Hodson
Kyle Hufton
James Hunter
Bowen Hunter
Jake Julian
Zakaria Kowaider
Kurtis Lagudi
Reilly Large
Mitchell Lothian
Hamish McFayden
Rowan Mcintosh
Scott Miller
Billee Mohammed
Stefan Moscarello
Amer Mougharbel
Lachlan Nettleship
Jack Previtera
Mitch Reeve
Sam Richardson
James Roach
Matthew Rose
Laidley Rouse
Emad Saad
Max Sedgeman
Rick Siofele
Jesse Siofele
Pheonix Snowing
Gibbs Stanley
Nathan Stewart
Lee Stewart
Daniel Talakai
Salesa Tavui
Isaiah Te Puia
Sage Toilalo
Isiah Tuiaki
Anthony Uhila
Lachlan Vale
Sebastian Valenzano
Dylan Wearne
Cougar Wheeler
Harrison White
Broadhead Will
Riley Wilson
Adam Zahra