Club Announcement – North Sydney Bears appoint CEO

The North Sydney Bears welcome the appointment of David Perry to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Dave has led the commercial area of the business successfully over the last 12 months and due to business growth and a new era upon us, the Board have decided to appoint a club CEO to ensure the structure of the business is more sustainable for the future.

“The Board are very excited that Dave with his past broad NRL experience has accepted this new opportunity. The club has many new and exciting initiatives that will require a fresh focus and strategic approach in order to maximise these opportunities across the whole of the organisation. With Jason Taylor as head coach and Greg Florimo in the General Manager of Football role we believe we now have the structure to deliver our desired and strategic outcomes” said Perry Lopez.

“I am truly honoured to be given such a privileged role within a proud foundation club, rich in history. I grew up as a passionate Bears fan, played in the area and now genuinely look forward to working hard with all our key stakeholders to be part of building enhanced outcomes on and off the field.  As a club we need to deliver a more engaged culture internally and externally for our fans and members to be really proud of” said David Perry.

“Foundation clubs and brands such the Bears are very unique and offer so much for the game at large. We have a huge catchment and community that require constant engagement. It is also our priority to deliver this as soon as possible so that people want to be part of this club now and in the future. We are all craving for more success and need to put values, systems and clear initiatives in place to make this happen” David Perry added.


For further information, please contact:

Perry Lopez


North Sydney Bears

0417 238 796